Push Notifications? What are Push Notifications? Does Windows Phone 7 support Push Notifications?

Microsoft Push Notification (MPN) service is used by Windows Phone 7 for sending notifications to Windows Phone 7 handsets.

There are three types of push notifications that a  can be used for sending information to an application,

  • Tile notifications
  • Toast notifications
  • Raw notifications

Tile notifications

Every application has one assigned ‘Tile’ – a visual, dynamic representation of the application or its content. A Tile displays in the Start screen if the end-user has pinned it.

Toast notifications

Toast notifications are system-wide notifications that do not disrupt the user workflow or require intervention to resolve. They are displayed at the top of the screen for ten seconds before disappearing. If the toast notification is tapped, the application that sent the toast notification will launch. A toast notification can be dismissed with a flick.

Raw notifications

If you do not wish to update the Tile or send a toast notification, you can instead send raw information to your application using a raw notification. If your application is not running currently, the raw notification is discarded on the Microsoft Push Notification Service and is not delivered to the device. The payload of a raw notification has a maximum size of 1 KB.

If you would like to know more about Microsoft Push Notification  service, I recommend reading the following posts:

Now that you know how the Push Notification works, it is time to put this knowledge to some use.

For beginners, the MSDN article How to: Send a Push Notification for Windows Phone provides some sample codes.

If you are a little above the beginner level, Using Push Notification from Your Windows Phone Application post on the Windows Phone Developer Blog gives enough detailed information.

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