In a very strange move, Microsoft is helping the iPhone developers use their skills to make a Windows Phone 7 application.

Does this mean Microsoft admits that the iPhone is superior to Windows Phone 7 or its just another marketing gimmick from Microsoft to get some attention on the WP7 platform.

Leveraging your iPhone development expertise to build Windows Phone 7 applications on the Windows Phone Developer Blog gives more insights on this topic.

The blog also has a series of “developer stories”, in which developers share on video their experience porting iPhone applications to Windows Phone and explain why and how they did it.

Windows Phone 7 Guide for iPhone Application Developers

If you have been developing iPhone applications and are interested in building your applications for Windows Phone 7, this guide is for you.

The guide will cover what you need to know to add Windows Phone 7 development to your skill set, while leveraging what you have already learned building iPhone:

Source :

You may also want to visit Jesse Liberty’s tutorial: iPhone to Windows Phone 7 Tutorial.

iOS API call and its WP7 equivalent along with C# sample codes and API documentations for both platforms can be found here.

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