Microsoft gave a preview of the upcoming “Mango” release of Windows Phone, through a series of events around the world.

Mango is set to provide 500 new features and enhance the smartphone experience dramatically.

Communications: Easier to Connect and Share

  • Threads
  • Groups
  • Deeper social network integration.
  • Linked inbox
  • Hands-free messaging
A Smarter Approach to Apps
  • App Connect
  • Improved Live Tiles
  • Multitasking
Taking the Internet Beyond the Browser
  • Internet Explorer 9.
  • Local Scout
  • Bing on Windows Phone
  • Quick Cards

Some of the developer centric  features are:

  •  Background processing
  • New profiler and emulator for testing
  • Use of Silverlight + XNA together
  • Silverlight 4
  • IE9 web browser control
  • Live Tile enhancements: use of back of tiles and ability to update Live Tiles locally
  • Deep linking into apps from notifications and Live Tiles
  • Additional sensors; direct camera access, compass & gyro
  • Fast application switching
  • Networking / sockets for communications
  • Local SQL database for structured storage
  • Access to calendar and contacts for apps

VideoPress Conference

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