Have you ever used a resource in the Visual tree of a control just to hold a data object which you can access later in an Item Template.

For example:

        <ContentControl x:Key="BindingContent" Content="{Binding}" />
                <TextBlock Text="{Binding MyProperty}"
                           Foreground="{Binding Path=Content.MyProperty2,
                           Source={StaticResource BindingContent}}" />

In this example, the Textblock has a foreground bound to a data object residing in a resource. Everything works fine in the above example and runs as expected in Silverlight 4.

In Silverlight 5, this “workaround” just stops working. This is due to a bug fix in Silverlight 5.

More details at Silverlight 5 Incompatibility: Play by the Rules by Jeremy Likness.


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