Windows Azure gives you four core storage services that are secure, scalable and easy to access that remain persistent and durable storage in the cloud. Blobs, Tables, and Queues are all available as part of the Windows Azure Storage account, and provide durable storage on the Windows Azure platform.

Highlights of Windows Azure Storage

  • Binary Large Object (BLOB) Service, the simplest way to store text or binary data with Windows Azure.
  • Table Service is better for large amounts of data that need additional structure, which works exceptionally well with applications that need to work with data in a very detailed manner via queries.
  • Queue Service for reliable, persistent messaging between Web and Worker role instances.
  • Windows Azure Drive allows Windows Azure applications to mount a Page Blob, which is a single volume NTFS VHD. This allows applications to upload/download VHDs via blob.

Azure Storage Explorer

Azure Storage Explorer is a useful GUI tool for inspecting and altering the data in your Windows Azure Storage storage projects including the logs of your cloud-hosted applications.

All 3 types of cloud storage can be viewed and edited: blobs, queues, and tables.

Download Azure Storage Explorer 4 (

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