You must be wondering how to get Fiddler working with new Windows 8 Metro-style applications. These applications work somewhat differently than classic desktop applications, and require a bit of special configuration work to get Fiddler to work properly.

Windows 8 and Fiddler get along just fine after a few tweaks. Many users have been using Fiddler to debug Metro-style applications over the last few months.

There are three important Windows 8 changes that impact Fiddler:

  1. The .NET CLR 2.0 isn’t installed by default
  2. Metro-style applications require a specific Capability to communicate with the localhost (where Fiddler runs)
  3. Metro-style applications do not respect the per-User Trusted Root Certificates store

Each of these three issues can be worked around to restore the full functionality of Fiddler when running on Windows 8.

Read more at MSDN

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