Error : DEP0100 : Deployment failed due to a Developer Licensing issue

Have you ever got this problem when developing a Windows 8 Metro style application on your Windows 8 machine?

You need a developer license to build Metro style apps on a machine running Windows 8 Release Preview.

Getting a developer license

  • Getting a developer license using Visual Studio 2012 RC is very simple. Go to the Project menu, select Acquire Developer License on the Store sub menu. ( If you are using Microsoft Visual Studio Express 2012 RC for Windows 8, click Store >Acquire Developer License.)
  • You can also get a developer license using a command prompt  by running commands in Windows PowerShell as follows:
    C:\> Show-WindowsDeveloperLicenseRegistration
    C:\> Get-WindowsDeveloperLicense
    C:\> Unregister-WindowsDeveloperLicense

You would need to sign-in with your Live Id (Microsoft Account) to get a license. Currently, getting a developer license is free. Read Get a developer license on MSDN for more details.

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