Windows 8 User experience guidelines

Use this index to quickly find the user experience (UX) guidelines that can help you create a great Windows Store app.  If you haven’t already, you should start by reading Making great Windows Store apps and Planning Windows Store apps.

Click to download the guidelines

Learn to build Windows Store apps

Learn the basics of Windows Store app development from MSDN.  Make use of these resources to create beautiful apps on the Windows 8 platform.

Here’s what it has to offer:

Planning apps

Make the right decisions during the planning phase to ease development and maximize your app’s potential in the Windows Store.

Designing UX for apps

Discover the resources and design guidance you need to build beautiful apps with the look and feel of Windows 8.

Packaging apps

Learn how to use Visual Studio to prepare and package your app for the Windows Store.

Selling apps

Navigate the Windows Store with confidence and maximize your exposure to potential customers.

API reference

Explore comprehensive developer platform documentation, including Windows Runtime, Windows Library for JavaScript and schema references.

Concepts and architecture

Beyond the how – learn why the Windows Store app development platform works the way it does, and discover advanced techniques to enhance your apps.

Developing games

Learn to develop games as Windows Store apps, and learn more about DirectX and C++ for game development.

End-to-end apps

Complete guidance for critical scenarios to enhance your understanding of key concepts and jumpstart your development projects.

Resources for iOS developers

If you’re familiar with building iOS apps, these design and programming resources will help you get started building Windows Store apps.


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