Let’s be perfectly clear, the Windows Design Guidelines in Windows 8.1 are, at a high-level, identical to those in Windows 8.0. However, in their practical and tactical guidance they are so different, that idyllic Windows 8.1 apps would potentially fail Windows 8.0 Store Certification. These guidelines, now hardwired into Microsoft developers and designers, remain consistent and contrarian to the Windows 8.0 guidance.

Microsoft Design Principles

The 5 core principles of the Windows Style, or the Microsoft Design Principles are unchanged. They are: 1) Pride in Craftsmanship, 2) Fast and Fluid, 3) Authentically Digital, 4) Do more with Less, and 5) Win as one. They have not changed in practice or in theory.

Navigation diagram for an example food app

More at Windows 8.1 says, “Forget all that Design Stuff from Windows 8.0”


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