Rating control for UWP apps

XAML Brewer, by Diederik Krols

In this article we’ll build a XAML and C# Rating Control for the Windows Universal Platform which will be entirely drawn by the Composition API. It’s a custom Control that comes with the following dependency properties:

  • Maximum (int): the number of stars (or other images) to display,
  • StepFrequency (double): the rounding interval for the Value (a percentage, e.g. 0.25)
  • Value (double): the current value (from 0 to Maximum)
  • ItemHeight (int): height (and width) of each image in device independent pixels
  • ItemPadding (int): the number of pixels between images
  • FilledImage (uri): path to the filled image
  • EmptyImage (uri): path to the empty image
  • IsInteractive (bool): whether or not the control responds to user input (tapping or sliding)

The names of the core properties (Maximum, StepFrequency, and Value) are borrowed from the Slider class because after all –just like the slider- a Rating control is just a…

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