Theme dependent panorama background

Windows Phone 7 provides various theme based resource which change automatically depending on the currently selected theme i.e. dark or light. You can use these resources for all controls except the case of a panorama background. In such a case you can use a Brush property in your view model to change the panorama background depending on the currently selected theme. … Continue reading Theme dependent panorama background


News reader: Windows Phone 7 Panorama App

Every one must have header about the panorama control available for the Windows Phone 7 applications. But have you created an app using it? Let's begin creating a simple news reader app using the panorama control. At first, create a panorama application project in Visual Studio 2010. This adds a lot of files to your project, … Continue reading News reader: Windows Phone 7 Panorama App

Panorama versus Pivot: Windows Phone 7

The most popular controls in the Windows Phone 7 tools are the Panorama and pivot. Their usage is somewhat similar, but both provide a different kind of experience. Here's a link to a post from Tim Heuer's blog, Pano versus Pivot: Windows Phone Design Days content available. The post provides good insights on the two controls and has links … Continue reading Panorama versus Pivot: Windows Phone 7