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8 thoughts on “Your Queries

  1. Here is a query from Anil Kumar:
    please help me I m attaching mY project please apply page navigation. I m printing news_title in list view and and on item click i m pass news_detail_ description in Second page . so in second page i want to apply Page navigation for forward.. backward (like nextnews… and previous news) am displaying data in webview please help me am really new and want to development process .

    1. Hi Anil,
      I suggest you use the MMVM model to show the list of items on Page 1 and a single item on Page2. When you click the item on page 1 just send the item id not the entire items id list to page 2.

      On page 2, you change show the item text corresponding to item id saved in the item list within your model.

      Add previous/next buttons to App bar and change the item details again using the current item id and item list in the model.


  2. Shubhan Chemburkar I m sending the id in next page But how i will save it we have much TExt format we are displaying 17 item in first page how i ll store it in second page..

  3. I have install MVVM in visual Stuodio 2010 Now please tell me next what i have to do i want page flip i mean page forware(next) back ward(previous ) Like view pager in android

    1. There are two options for you, add two buttons with “<” and “>” into the page and change the content. or add the same buttons in the AppBar.

      I suggest read about the AppBar on MSDN before creating one.

      As far as the next/prev. navigation, identify he index of current item from the id list and get the new item index and show the content accordingly.

  4. Hi Shubhan,

    I have a question which I have posted in StackOverflow http://stackoverflow.com/questions/25218306/how-to-use-mvvm-with-settingsflyout-in-windows-8-1-application

    I am pasting it here just in case link breaks in the future.

    I have a Windows 8.1 application built with MVVM pattern.

    To navigate between pages I have created a service called INavigationService with Navigate and other functionality. Inside my Navigate function I would find out the fully qualified name of the View and call Frame.Navigate.

    In my ViewModel I just call this service


    Now to try and achieve similar service(to help me to achieve MVVM) for SettingsFlyout I should possibly write a IFlyoutService with Show functionality. But I don’t have anything similar to Frame which can Navigate to any Page. Settingsflyouts are to be created as follows

    var mySettingsFlyout = new SettingsFlyout();

    This would mean that I need to get a hold of the actual SettingsFlyout object.

    I would be glad if someone can point me in the right direction as to how to achieve this in MVVM way.

    Thanks in Advance

    1. Hi Vivek,

      There are ways to get this done. My choice is to use behaviors to show the flyout or you could use Dependency injection to create your flyout inside your view model. I will shortly create a post explain in details.


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